Wednesday, 20 February 2013

SIAPA NI? Sapa yg pernah salam ni orang p check la darah.

Rumour has it a certain high profile opposition politician is HIV positive!

Only the super rich can afford to be kept alive by this expensive 3 in 1 AIDS suppressant drug cocktail!

He is infected with HIV positive for the last 14 years now!  For every man and woman he had sex with chances are these partners will be infected!
I will try not to mention name but this HIV positive stricken opposition politician is being kept alive by taking a very expensive HIV cocktail 3-in-one salmon coloured pill called ATRIPLA at the cost of USD $1,150.00 (about RM3588 a month) for a 30-day supply.
Only the rich can afford to have the luxury of buying and paying that amount for every month supply.
This politician once refused to give sample of his blood for police investigation claiming the government will contaminate needles with AIDS virus that will infect his blood.
But truth be told that his real reason was to hide the fact that his blood is already contaminated and infected with HIV positive.  I just hope that those he had sex with will have enough brain to have their blood check for HIV positive.
Sources told me he gets his supply via FedEx from the USA and sent to the house.
In the beginning for the longest time now I did not want to post this, in a way, sad piece of news of a dying man who, out of anger and revenge, will take and tear down this country just because he thought he was maligned but the truth of the matter is he is a victim of his own doing.
I just hope that Malaysians who worship this sad and pathetic and tragic man to not be duped by his lies and cheating.


Anonymous said...

This is a serious allegation.
Hope somebody can get hardcopy evidence from fedex.

Anonymous said...

Sapa itu? Dari parti mana? Bahaya mo salam orang pambangkang sekarang ni. Ishkkkkkk. Ini lebih najis daripada najis paling jijik.